Thai Barbeque

I got this Thai Barbeque for my wife for Christmas. We have been making barbeque every day.

Thai Barbeque

The Thai Barbeque

First you will need the Thai Barbeque, I purchased this one on amazon: This is the Thai Barbeque that I got on Amazon

You can use charcoal, cooking gel, or put it on a stovetop. We used a gas stovetop so that we could sit around it and eat outside.


Prepare some thinly sliced meats like chicken, beef, pork, and shrimp.

You also want some vegetables to cook in the moat. We used enoki mushrooms, snowpea leaves, Chinese lettuce, bok choy. You can use almost any kind of vegetable and cook it in the moat.

While you prepare all this, you can get the barbeque started so it will be nice and hot and ready to use.


To start, use a big chunk of fat from one of your meats to grease the top of the grill pan or use some grease or non-stick spray to keep your meat from completely sticking to the grill.

We also used some chicken broth in the moat instead of plain water.

Then just put some meat on the grill top and some veggies in the moat. Some delicious juices will naturally fall into the moat making the veggies even more delicious.

Everyone picks meat and vegetables to cook and you all cook together, adding meat and veggies as you eat. Some people have told me it’s like a Thai version of The Melting Pot restaurant.


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